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Critical Thinking through Writing Informed Consent

The CTW Initiative would like to gather some information on your perceptions of critical thinking. Before you complete the survey, please read the consent form below. If you have any questions, please contact us at ctw@gsu.edu

Title: Critical Thinking through Writing Student Survey Principal Investigators: Dr. George Pullman, Dr. Jennifer Lawrence, Mr. Spencer Middleton Sponsor: Critical Thinking through Writing

I. Purpose:
You are invited to participate in a research study. The purpose of the study is to investigate your understanding of the Critical Thinking through Writing initiative, your impression of Critical Thinking through Writing assignments, and your general understanding of critical thinking within your discipline. You are invited to participate because you are a student in a Critical Thinking through Writing course. A total of 4000 participants will be recruited for this study. Participation will require around ten minutes of your time.

II. Procedures:
After reading this consent form, if you decide to participate in this study, you must click accept below. Once you click accept, you will be automatically redirected to the CTW online survey. The survey ask you several questions related to critical thinking, course assignments, and your background. The survey is completely anonymous.

III. Risks:
In this study, you will not have any more risks than you would in a normal day of life.

IV. Benefits:
Participation in this study may benefit you personally. However, the responses you offer could influence teaching practices and assignment design in other Critical Thinking through Writing courses. Overall, we hope to gain information about your experience in the Critical Thinking through Writing course, your perception of the new CTW assignments, and your overall feelings about critical thinking in your discipline and in the University at large .

V. Voluntary Participation and Withdrawal:
Participation in research is voluntary. You do not have to be in this study. If you decide to be in the study and change your mind, you have the right to drop out at any time. You may skip questions or stop participating at any time. Whatever you decide, you will not lose any benefits to which you are otherwise entitled.

VI. Confidentiality:
The survey does not ask for your name. You will not be identified personally. Only the Senior Faculty Leader for Assessment, the Director of Critical Thinking through Writing, the Associate Director of Critical Thinking through Writing, and one CTW student representative will have access to the information you provide. It will be stored on a secure server. The findings will be summarized and reported in group form.

VII. Contact Persons:
Contact Dr. Jennifer Lawrence, Associate Director of Critical Thinking through Writing at 404-413-5878 or ctw@gsu.edu if you have questions about this study. If you have questions or concerns about your rights as a participant in this research study, you may contact Susan Vogtner in the Office of Research Integrity at 404-413-3513 or svogtner1@gsu.edu.

VIII. Copy of Consent Form to Subject:
You can print a copy of this consent form to keep. If you contact us at 404-413-5878, we will send you a hard copy of this consent form

If you are willing to volunteer for this research, please click accept below.